Thinking- through Music!

Thinking- through Music!

The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection ®
“Character Education through positive music!”

Every child has the capacity to be a CAN DO! Kid, reflecting positive attitudes and behaviors. It is our natural human instinct to survive, to aspire, and to seek love and positive reinforcement. Parents, family members, friends, school and other influences have a strong bearing on forming the attitudes, behaviors, feelings, communication skills and choices we make that lead to a successful – or unsuccessful – identity of who we are.

The CANDO Curriculum Connection® of “educating by motivating” students to gain Emotional Intelligence (EQ), begins with providing avenues to help students THINK, as opposed to traditional education that places emphasis on knowledge-gathering and remembering.

Music is a powerful form of communication and the driving force within The CANDO Curriculum Connection. Through the application of
“CANDO” media materials, the emphasis is on positive “music power” to inspire and excite students to want to become a part of the classroom involvement. Involvement is a critical step in becoming an achiever.

Because CANDO music contains richly lyrical songs, quality production and is commercially competitive, it is a powerful avenue to stimulate youth with positive values as opposed to the negative impact so much of today’s music is having on our young people. Written and produced for students
K-12, the extensive CANDO Catalog of songs address vital issues such as self-esteem, family values, violence, substance abuse, the environment, personal safety, and making positive life choices.

Quality songs, dynamic musical production and educational value distinguish our CANDO music from “musical mediocrity”, making the
CANDO! Curriculum Connection a valuable tool to create character development and ignite the flame of learning!

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Enter The CANDO Circle:
“An environment for thinking, communicating, and connecting”

The Certainty principle dominating today’s educational curriculum and the rules of the typical school, that “there is a RIGHT and WRONG answer to every question”, and the Measurement principle that “nothing is really worthwhile unless it can be measured and assigned numerical value”, is contrasted by the CAN DO! Curriculum Connection’s interactive method, which provides powerful avenues to stimulate students’ ability to THINK, interact, and communicate. Thinking leads to ideas, inquiry, opinions, observations, understanding, artistic and creative expression, critical evaluation, learning, and excitement.

Students join together in The CAN DO! Circle (The circle creates a feeling of “togetherness” where no student can be lost in a “corner”), and the session is facilitated by the teacher who uses Questioning strategies that encourage every child to respond. The carefully structured questions allow students to communicate without fear of rejection, and provide success to everyone. The session becomes a “flexible time
experience”; the duration determined by the teacher as the instructional leader within the classroom.

What could be more important to a student than to begin to feel acceptance and a sense of worth? We, who have developed the CAN DO! Curriculum Connection believe that every student deserves to feel success every day – honest, true, and sincere praise for a job well done – not an easy task for teachers and students who today encounter the most competitive of all school environments.


Academic Achievement and Acceptance Go Hand-in-Hand

The teacher is in charge of the educational program within the classroom. The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection is designed to enhance mandated curriculum, and to create enthusiasm, vitality and fun, while developing communication and higher level thinking skills for each student. By linking the CAN DO! Curriculum Connection at significant intervals as it connects to the subject areas already taught in the classroom,
no additional class time will be required to integrate the CAN DO! Curriculum Connection. For instance, after a Science lesson about insects might be an appropriate time to “Circle up!” and listen to the song entitled “Bugs”; an environmental unit can be enhanced when presented in conjunction with a Can Do! song about precious resources.
Reading skills are enriched by total group participation, which allows input from all ability groups. The printed lyric song cards will become a main component in developing reading fluency; questioning strategies from the teacher will develop critical thinking and communication skills. This offers the teacher the option of utilizing The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection within allocated Reading time.

Quality songs, dynamic musical production and educational value distinguish our Can Do! music from “musical mediocrity”, making the CAN DO! Curriculum Connection a valuable tool to create character development and ignite the flame of learning!


The human being is driven by five genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun. The CAN DO! Circle and The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection provide an arena for students to explore and evaluate their own behavior with clear criteria and informal discussion. Students learn that behavior changes become the responsibility of individual. Progressive interaction and communication help students understand the connection between behavior and the ability to meet these basic needs.

Thank you for reviewing the (enclosed) Questioning Strategies, sample music and other materials associated with The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection and The CAN DO! Circle. We respectfully request that you fill out and return the Review Sheet.


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