The Literacy Strand

The Literacy Strand

The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection TM

The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection is a character education program; however, intrinsic to the program is the continued development of Language Arts and Reading skills:

Skill Development:

  • Listening and Speaking
  • Oral Language
  • Reading – Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Higher Level Thinking Skills
  • Written Language

Reading skills are enriched by total group participation, which allows input from all ability groups. The printed song lyrics are a main component in developing reading fluency with an appealing format; Questioning and Discussion Strategies develop comprehension, vocabulary, critical thinking and communication skills. This offers the teacher the option of utilizing The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection within allocated reading or Language Arts time. (Seatwork or homework assignments are optional.)

With great validity, the classroom teacher can dedicate one or more reading or Language Arts periods per week to a program that includes
self-expression, group expression, interaction, and allows students to communicate in a safe environment using their own vernacular.
The Gap Is Narrowed By Building Positive Self-Identity!

The CAN DO! Circle (K-6) and The Circle (7-12) enable ALL students in the classroom to participate in activities that build positive character traits. The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection assists the teacher in BRIDGING THE GAP between advantaged and disadvantaged students with a program that provides equal time for every student by recognizing and validating his or her contribution to the Circle experience based on individual life experiences.


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