A Valuable Classroom Aid
The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection FACT SHEETS provide vital information pertaining to topical issues and will serve as a valuable resource for the teacher. CDCC Fact Sheets include a variety of character-building topics and issues including self-confidence, thinking, the environment, health, and other critical youth life issues such as drugs, tobacco, alcohol, violence, teen suicide, disabilities, etc. “Warning Signs” and “How You Can Help” sections are included in some of the fact sheets.

CDCC Fact Sheets are valuable tools in assisting the Teacher/ Facilitator in creating classroom or individual projects, seatwork or homework assignments, and/or extra credit activities. The fact sheets may also be sent home to parents to provide them with accurate information about the given subject area.

“FACTS ABOUT FROGS” (Suggested resource use:
in conjunction with environmental units, to embellish on songs i.e.; “The Froggy Boogie”, “Water”, and other songs about the environment, nature, etc.).

“FACTS ABOUT TEEN ALCOHOL ABUSE” (Suggested resource use: in conjunction with personal safety/health units;
to embellish on songs, i.e,; “Don’t Drink And Drive”).
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