The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection™

The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection™

What is The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection?
The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection™ is a strategy for developing positive character traits by stimulating higher level thinking skills, and oral and written communication about subject areas and issues that directly affect youth.

How does The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection work?
Specially written songs provide a stimulus for the oral and written activities. The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection enhances mandated curriculum through powerful avenues, stimulating students to THINK, INTERACT, and COMMUNICATE. The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection is a vehicle that transmits valuable information to students in exciting ways via the professionally written and produced music, to help students make conscious life choices based on informed understanding.

The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection stimulates creativity, invites involvement from all students, develops a “Can Do! attitude”, and encourages students to take responsibility for their own behavior –
in school, out of school, and throughout their lifetimes.


Components of The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection Teacher’s Guide,
for use within The CAN DO! Circle (K-6) and The Circle (7-12) include:

Musical CD (includes “The CAN DO! Circle” Theme Song (K-6) or
“The Circle” Theme Song (7-12)
Laminated Song Selection Card
The Can-Do-Kids Pledge (K-6) or The Pledge For Peace Oath (7-12)
Song Lyrics (for each song on CD)
Reference List (Songs/Topical Issue or Character Trait)
Questioning & Discussion Strategies (K-12)
Fact Sheet(s) (when applicable)
The Talking Stick (for Circle closing statement)
Oral Response Tracking Record (per Session) (Student Participation)
Summary and Evaluation Form (Clustered Session Tabulation)
After-Circle Activities Record (Student Participation)
CDA Seal™ (“Can Do! Attitude”)
Integrated Lesson Planner
CAN DO! Activity Book (Grade Levels K-3)
Interactive Website (referenced)
Note: Additional available materials: The CAN DO! Circle Adventure Series (K-6)
The Circle Series (7-12)

The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection/Components: Defined (cont’d)
The CAN DO! Circle (K-6), and The Circle (7-12)
Webster’s New World Dictionary/Second College Edition, defines the word “circle” as “a group of people bound together by
common interests”

The CAN DO! Circle and The Circle are the environments for
implementing The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection.
The CAN DO! Circle (K-6) and The Circle (7-12), whether a physical place or a “state of mind” create a conducive environment to stimulate higher level thinking skills and oral communication via The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection. The configuration of a circle suggests an intimate setting for discussion and encourages a sense of camaraderie and mutual support. The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection materials, shared in the “safe haven” of The CAN DO! Circle or The Circle, lead students to a greater sense of identity as productive, thinking human beings.

A typical CAN DO! Curriculum Connection program includes:

Musical CD: (1 album per package)
The extensive CAN DO! Song Catalog provides the songs for the musical CD’s for grades K-12. Containing approximately 10 songs per album, CD’s address such topics as family values, self-respect and respect for others, environmental awareness, patriotism, personal safety, substance abuse (drug/alcohol/tobacco), crime, violence and many more “issues” that directly affect youth. Songs are written in popular genres of musical styles.

Laminated Song Selection Card (1 per package)
This provides a quick, at-a-glance identification of the CD number of each song on the musical CD. The card may be posted near the CD player for convenient use.

The Can-Do-Kids Pledge (K-6) or The Pledge For Peace Oath (7-12)
(packet of 30)
These pledges define the commitment of having a “Can-Do-attitude”.

Song Lyrics: (packet of 30 for ea. song (10 songs per CD) or Copy Master for reproduction)
A critical component to the success of the CAN DO! Curriculum Connection music is the content and appeal of the song lyrics in order to convey the messages effectively. Written by industry professionals, all songs are written with a commitment to integrity and sensitivity to

The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection/Components: Defined (cont’d)

subject matter. Songs are presented in many different musical styles; each song empowers the student with information to help him or her make positive life choices.

Reference List (1 per package)
To offer a greater understanding of the depth of the Program, a listing of K-12 CD titles, song selections and issue or character trait pertaining to each song, is included.

Music is truly the “universal language”! Communicating and educating in positive ways, through music, is fun for students and faculty alike.

Questioning & Discussion Strategies (for each song on CD)
Questioning & Discussion Strategies for each song within a given CD reflect a paradigm that stimulates higher level thinking skills while developing positive character traits.

Fact Sheet(s) (when applicable)
A one-page fact sheet pertaining to the song topic may be used for seatwork or homework assignments at the discretion of the teacher.

The Talking Stick (1 per package)
An opportunity for individual message-sharing occurs near the end of the Circle session as part of the summation of the day’s session activities. Students who wish to verbalize an experience or make a statement relevant to the subject area are each given an allocated time to speak without interruption. (Facilitator determines length of time, depending upon how many students wish to make a closing statement or share an experience).

A valuable tool known as “The Talking Stick” ensures that no interruption by other students occurs during the time a student is speaking. The Talking Stick, a colorful, symbolic object, underscores the importance of each student being heard. Passed from one student to the other as a signal that it is his or her time to “have the floor”, The Talking Stick may be held or placed near the student who is speaking to remind other students not to interrupt.

The Talking Stick is a tool that, in creative and dramatic ways, aids the facilitator and the students by creating a sense of importance for what a
student has to stay, promoting self-respect and respect for others, building self-confidence, bonding the Circle, and keeping the subject matter on track. (See Appendix for conceptual design sketch)

Oral Response Tracking Record (per Session) (2- sided Copy Master)
A valuable tool in tracking student response during discussion, the

The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection/Components: Defined (cont’d)

Oral Response Tracking Record aids the teacher in determining which students participated within each Circle session. This record provides the information for determining the clustered responses for the Summary and Evaluation form.

Summary and Evaluation Form (2-sided Copy Master)
A valuable tool for assessing the involvement/growth of each student,
the Summary and Evaluation Form provides clustered session tabulation for this purpose. A simple rating guide is also provided to indicate student progress.

The CDA Seal (Can Do! Attitude) is awarded for student involvement. The teacher sets own criteria, but criteria should evaluate more than just the number of responses from each student. Though a student who responds often may earn the CDA seal, another who is initially reluctant to contribute to the Circle interaction but progresses with each Circle session and shows personal growth should also be awarded for his or her efforts. We encourage the teacher to award the CDA seal to every student whenever possible, by the end of the 15th session. (packet of 30 seals)

After-Circle Activities Record (2-sided Copy Master)
Provides the teacher with an at-a-glance student participation record, planning sheet and reminder of optional activities each student has selected. Some activities may continue for more than one session while others may be a one-session choice.

Integrated Lesson Planner (Copy Master)
The intent of the Integrated Lesson Planner is to assist the teacher in her preparation for a Circle experience. The Integrated Lesson Planner provides a format for implementing the music and Circle activities, including suggested follow-up enrichment activities for each presentation. (Copy Master allows for five different scheduling activities.)

CAN DO! Activity Books (Levels K, 1, 2, 3)
These unique Color & Learn Activity Books for Grades K, 1, 2 and 3 compliment each song on each individual Grade Level CD. Activities include coloring, rhyming, creative/critical thinking, drawing, searching and writing, labeling, personal safety and creative writing.

Interactive Website:
The CAN DO! Project’s interactive website fosters positive values and stimulates higher level thinking skills via music, educational experiences, positive role models, and other related activities. (in development)

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