The CANDO Curriculum

Music is truly the “Universal Language”.

Communicating and educating in positive ways, through music, is fun for students and faculty alike.

The CANDO Curriculum™ is a strategy for developing positive character traits and accessing powerful innate resources that often lie dormant.

Specially written songs provide a stimulus for the oral and written activities. The CANDO Curriculum can be used to enhance mandated curriculum through powerful ways and means, stimulating students to think, feel, interact, and communicate. It is a vehicle that transmits valuable information in exciting ways to help students make conscious life choices based on informed understanding. It also stimulates creativity, invites involvement from all students, develops a “CANDO Attitude”, and encourages students to take responsibility for their own journey,
in school, out of school, and throughout their lifetimes.

Components of The CANDO Curriculum Teacher’s Guide:

“The CANDO Kids” Music MP3 (or other medium)
Laminated Song Selection Card
The Can-Do-Kids Pledge (K-6) or The Pledge For Peace Oath (7-12)
Song Lyrics (for each song on CD)
Reference List (Songs/Topical Issue or Character Trait)
Questioning & Discussion Strategies (K-12)
Fact Sheet(s) (when applicable)
The Talking Stick
Oral Response Tracking Record
Summary and Evaluation Form
After-Circle Activities Record
CDA Seal™ (“Can Do Attitude”)
Integrated Lesson Planner
CANDO Activity Book
The Circle Series (7-12)

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A typical CANDO Curriculum program includes:

. CANDO Kids Music (MP3 or other medium)   

The extensive CANDO Song Catalog provides the songs for grades K-12. Containing approximately 10 songs, it addresses such topics as strong family values,  respect for self and others, environmental awareness, patriotism, personal safety, substance abuse (drug/alcohol/tobacco), crime, violence and many more “issues” that directly affect youth.

. Laminated Song Selection Card (1 per package)

This provides a quick, at-a-glance identification of the number of each song.

. The Can-Do-Kids Pledge (K-6) or The Pledge For Peace Oath (7-12)

These pledges define the commitment of having a “Can-Do-attitude”.

. Song Lyrics: 

The age appropriate lyrics are designed to instill positive programming to the temporal lobes.

. Reference List

A listing of K-12 CD titles, issue or character trait pertaining to each song, is included.

. Workbook 

Workbooks containing corresponding activities.

. Questioning & Discussion Strategies for each song.

. Fact Sheet(s) (when applicable)

A one-page fact sheet pertaining to the song topic may be used for seatwork or homework assignments at the discretion of the teacher.

. The Talking Stick

An opportunity for individual message-sharing occurs near the end of the Circle session as part of the summation of the day’s session activities. This allows for a child to use their voice and expression relevant to the subject. Passed from one student to the other, it is a signal that it is their time to “have the floor”.

. Integrated Lesson Planner

The intent of the Integrated Lesson Planner is to assist the teacher in  preparation for “the Circle”.  It provides a format for implementing the music and Circle activities.

. CANDO Activity Books (Levels K, 1, 2, 3)

These unique Color & Learn Activity Books for Grades K, 1, 2 and 3 correlate with each song.

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