In-Service Teacher Training Program (Summary)

In-Service Teacher Training Program (Summary)

The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection™

The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection for Grade Levels K-12, is a Character Education program that enhances mandated curriculum. Specially written, age-appropriate songs along with Questioning and Discussion Strategies provide a stimulus for students to THINK, INTERACT, and COMMUNICATE about issues that directly affect them and the life choices they make. The program invites participation from ALL students, encouraging them to take responsibility for their own behavior – in school, out of school, and throughout their lifetimes. Teacher/Facilitator training is a critical component for the proper implementation of this innovative CAN DO! Curriculum Connection program.
Helen Howe and Linda Colley, Program Developers

In-Service Teacher Training
Teacher training will consist of in-service provided by Helen Howe and Linda Colley. Helen is a veteran international Educational Consultant in curriculum implementation in US domestic schools and International Schools in Asia Pacific. Linda is a professional writer, songwriter, co-developer of The CAN DO! Project™ and director of The Can-Do-Kids Performing Group, endorsed by the Washington State Joint Legislature.

In-Service will consist of:
Integrated Lesson Planner – utilization
The CAN DO! Circle and The Circle (formation and procedure)
Review of songs in musical CD (Grade Level K)
Modeling a *Unit of Study *(based on one or more song)
Review of Song Lyrics (based on selected song)
Questioning and Discussion Strategies (based on selected songs)
and Modeling Teacher as a Facilitator
After-Circle Activities (integrating activities related to the theme of the songs into other areas of existing school curriculum or select independent activities from Integrated Lesson Planner – i.e., Kindergarten song entitled “Bugs” can be integrated into a Science unit)
Develop an In-Service packet that includes an outline of how to use:
Integrated Lesson Planner
Oral Response Tracking/Tally Record
Summary and Evaluation Form (clustered Sessions)
After-Circle Activities Record
Auxiliary Materials: CDA Seal (awarded for “Can Do! Attitude),
Activity Book (Levels: K-3), The Talking Stick, The Can-Do-Kids Pledge (K-6), Pledge For Peace Oath (7-12),
Song Lyrics (for use with Q&D Strategies)

Note: The length of In-Service Teacher Training session is dependent upon the requirements of individual educational clients.

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