Character Education through positive music!”

The Literacy Strand – an Intrinsic Component

The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection™
Character Education through positive music!”
While The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection is a character education program, intrinsic to this program is the continued development of Language Arts and Reading skills. Song lyrics are a mainstay in developing reading fluency. With great validity, the teacher can dedicate one or more reading or Language Arts periods per week to this unique program and therefore has the option of utilizing the program within allocated reading or Language Arts time slots. (Seat work or homework assignments are optional)

Informative songs with Questioning & Discussion strategies are presented for interaction within The CAN DO! Circle (K-6) or The Circle (7-12). At the discretion of the teacher, optional seatwork or homework assignments can be created based upon a select song, Questioning & Discussion strategy, or topical issue. After-Circle activities may also include increased Library activity (reading/reports), current events reports, and/or Activity Book (K-3) or Portfolio (writing/artwork) assignments.
Note: Future components that will be available within The CAN DO! Curriculum Connection will include a series of books for K-12. The CAN DO! Adventure Series (Primary/Intermediate) includes 14 stories that introduce “Little Cando” and friends, following the adventures of these positive role model “characters” from “Constellation CAN DO!”. Story lines instill positive values and self esteem, stimulate higher level thinking skills, delight the imagination and inspire students to “be the BEST you can be!”
The Circle Series (Levels 7-12) includes pre-teen/teen stories about today’s serious issues facing youth, i.e., drug/alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and teen suicide. Presented with utmost sensitivity to the reader, students can identify with the emotional highs and lows of the characters who struggle with – and ultimately triumph over these challenging experiences. This Series is designed to develop higher level thinking skills and positive character traits to help students make more positive life choices based on informed understanding.

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