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The CAN DO! Mission is to create a societal movement behind character education that builds and sustains positive values in our children, families, and our communities. This will be achieved via multimedia educational and entertainment vehicles that encourage and promote:

Self respect and respect for others
Living responsibly and productively
Integrity and trustworthiness
Self discipline


A recent US Senate Judiciary Committee report states, “the effect of media violence on our children is no longer open to debate … with more than 1,000 scientific studies proving a causal connection between violent entertainment and the likelihood that children will become aggressive, mistrustful and emotionally desensitized to violence in real life.”

The declining moral fiber of our society is fueled by much of today’s multimedia programming. One only has to listen to the news, read a newspaper, or review statistics about the increasing crime, violence, substance abuse, personal safety issues, and behaviors associated with lack of self-respect or respect for others, to realize our world is experiencing a rapid decline into a violent society. An effective program of character education is needed to change this dangerous trend NOW.
The Can Do! Character Education Model (TM)

The Can Do! Character Education Model is unlike any other. Initiated within the powerful multimedia industry, model components include:

  • Music
  • Printed Materials
  • Graphics/Art
  • Film/Video
  • Stage/Live Performance
  • Games/Toys

Experiential Learning
Can Do! Technologies (computer software, etc.)
Positive Role Model Characters (more than 100 in Program)

These components empower the listener/viewer/participant with information that creates a “Can do!” attitude and encourages positive behaviors, sound character development and positive life choices.

The Can Do! Character Education Model lives and breathes in mainstream multimedia with its vast avenues of “instant communication”, enabling the
Can Do! program to communicate and educate masses in the most efficient manner.
This “multisensory experience” is enjoyed while learning positive values through fun, multimedia music, dance, stories, imagination and creativity, and the classroom experience.

Music, the centerpiece of the Can Do! Character Education Model, and most efficient means of communication, is embraced around the world. Through repetition of lyrics, reinforcement of thoughts and ideas are effectively communicated as the listener enjoys hearing the song yet “one more time”. Our multimedia products, activities, and school curriculum-enhancing materials reinforce “doing the right thing” about life-changing issues such as substance abuse, self-esteem, personal safety, crime, violence and other critical issues we face today. Teaching (not preaching) through our coordinated, ongoing Can Do! launch product of high quality, commercially competitive, positive songs takes on the new dimension of mass appeal for all ages. Family-oriented, ongoing product releases, cross-merchandising and marketing (including dynamic performing groups and artists) create staying power to keep us in the forefront.

The Can Do! Character Education Model (TM)
Product outlets include:

Retail outlets and other conventional avenues
Fundraising organizations
Service Clubs
Children’s organizations
Educational outlets
Public and Private entities/support systems

What sets it apart from other Character Education Models?

Commercially competitive multimedia products
that stimulate and affect all of the senses;

Products target specific demographic groups
dealing with key issues that are highly contentious,
affecting people and their role in society;

Empowerment of positive messages
(as opposed to negative reinforcement or “preaching”), gives
the listener/viewer/participant PERMISSION to be a contributing
part of society, i.e., “It’s cool to care!”

Values are reinforced with ongoing product;

Songs in curriculum-enhancing programs provide powerful stimulus
and motivation to instill positive values, develop oral/written language skills, stimulate higher level thinking skills, positive communication, and encourage conflict resolution.

The Can Do! Character Education Model is timely, answering the plea expressed by professionals, educators, social workers, legislators, parents, companies and organizations around the world, that “something must be done” to stem the tide of violence and moral decline in our society and build toward a positive future. The Can Do! Character Education Model fills this need with a revolution of the
“Can Do! spirit”!

The Can Do! Character Education Model (TM)

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