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The CANDO Curriculum

Music is truly the “Universal Language”. Communicating and educating in positive ways, through music, is fun for students and faculty alike. The CANDO Curriculum™ is a strategy for developing positive character traits and accessing powerful innate resources that often lie dormant. Specially written songs provide a stimulus for the oral and written activities. The CANDO […]

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Bloom’s Taxonomy

What is Bloom’s Taxonomy? Our Questioning & Discussion Strategies are based upon Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (Cognitive and Affective Domains), an educational criteria to stimulate higher level thinking skills. Objectives range from Lowest to Highest levels. Cognitive Domain: Evaluation: The ability to make a judgment based on definite criteria. Judgments must be supported with […]

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CANDO Character “Edutainment” Model

The MISSION: The CANDO Mission is to create a societal movement behind character education that builds and sustains positive values in our children, families, and communities. This will be achieved via multimedia educational and entertainment vehicles. The PROBLEM: A recent US Senate Judiciary Committee report states, “The effect of media violence on our children is […]

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Character education is based on the idea of teaching and strengthening good core values such as responsibility, respect, empathy, integrity, compassion. It is also about spotlighting, encouraging, and celebrating the positive natural inherent qualities that children come into this world with. Too often, children are taught to ignore their own intuition, suppress or dismiss their […]

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Mandating Character Education Through Legislation

State Character Education Activity Mandating character education through legislation: 14 States Alabama: A minimum of ten minutes per day of character education is required for all K-12 students, as mandated in Section 16-6B-2(h), Code of Alabama 1975. 1995 legislation requires character education. Gov. Don Siegelman has proposed legislation patterned after the Louisiana courtesy legislation that […]

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