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On CANDO Island at CANDO School, The CANDO Curriculum Connection inspires thinking designs that build higher level cognitive skills featuring questioning strategies that enhance curriculum songs and other multimedia learning vehicles offering unparalleled adventure as found in one’s own Treasure Valley Sojourn in discovery of The Treasure of You and all You Can Do! The CANDO Curriculum Connection format as constructed by renown curriculum developer Helen Howe and Linda Colley provides forum for 21st century educational vision complimentary to capability/responsibility in meeting today’s need of availing conduit to/facilitation of a self motivating learning structure/here accommodated by a wondrous ongoing ever growing edutainment story work in progress/development along the Learning Trails of The Isle with CANDO Seniors as trail guides for CANDO Kids everywhere in this amazing virtual CANDO School world also utilizing incomparable wisdom lessons of wise old sayings that have withstood the test of time as being best simple messages unlimited in resource/one example: “a stitch in time saves nine”.

Curriculum Connection

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