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CANDO School is the Creative Center of the CANDO virtual classrooms which inspire and build higher level cognitive thinking skills and positive character traits and values through the CANDO Curriculum Connection, a mechanism that connects like-minded educators and curriculums and ideas to achieve this.

This new kind of approach features content, questioning and answering strategies, and participation, that light up the learning center of your brain by using FUN, engaging more of the senses, and creating enhanced focus via imagery, positive characters, products, songs, and other multimedia learning vehicles, offering unparalleled interest, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, motivation, and adventure, to the learning landscape.

This awakens our innate natural desire to continue our quest for expansion- accessing a joyful process that motivates and inspires progression.

When we inspire the love to learn, our children take this out into the world with an inquisitive mind- seeking higher knowledge and discovery on their own- the best contribution to humanity and our future.

Remember, this is a story we are all writing together!

 Curriculum Connection


We all CAN DO, beginning with our Kids ! Choo Choo ! Let’s go there….

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